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Long Distance Terms & Conditions

International rates are subject to industry changes. Our International rates are effective for one calendar month. All our International rate changes will take effect on the first (1st) day of every month. Not all International rates will change and rates to cellular phones may be different than those to landline phones.

International calling is available on all long distance plans and is billed on a per minute basis. The account holder is responsible for all long distance calls and charges resulting from the use of Vianet's VoIP service, Vianet's calling card service, or any third party service. Vianet advises that you check your online call detail records on a monthly basis to ensure that all charges are correct. It is important to keep your PIN private. Contact your local office to change your PIN.

An optional call card service is available upon request. Calls made using calling cards are subject to additional charges.

Vianet does not support collect calling at this time. You may be able to place/accept collect calls, however any charges that should be applied to you will be billed by your local line provider and are subject to their rates.

Customers without Vianet internet service are subject to a $2.95 monthly fee.

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